With extreme pleasure I’ve been teaching the piano for more than 30 years, of which at least 20 years to kindergarten children.


At the conservatory of Maastricht I studied with Tilly Keessen.

In 1987 was my debut with the 2nd piano-concerto of Beethoven.

In 1988 I graduated with the Teaching Certificate.

After that I continued to study piano at the conservatory of Utrecht with Alexander Warenberg and Ton Hartsuiker.

In 1990 I graduated with the Performing Soloist Certificate.

In 1992 I graduated with the extra study of Chambermusic.

During my studies I attended many masterclasses all over the world.

From 2000 I have focussed myself on the teaching of the piano to kindergarten children.

Also I judge and prepare pupils for the piano exams of the EPTA Netherlands.

I thoroughly enjoy accompanying instrumentalists and playing in chambermusic ensembles.