Vacations 2020-2021:

1st lessons from August 24th 2020

Autumn holiday                Saturday, October 17th 2020           –        Sunday, October 25th 2020

Christmas holiday            Saturday, December 19th 2020        –        Sunday, January 3rd 2021

Carnival holiday               Saturday, February 13th 2021           –        Sunday, February 21st 2021

Easter holiday                LESSONS WILL CONTINUE on Friday, April 2nd and Monday, April 5th 2021

May holiday                     Saturday, April 24th 2021                     –        Sunday, May 16th 2021

Pentacost                      LESSONS WILL CONTINUE on Monday, May 24th 2021

Summer holiday              Monday, July 19th 2021                     –        Sunday, September 5th 2021

Important days

Student concert*               Sunday, July 18th 2021                10:00-12:00

LGP Graadexamens EPTA

Online LGP EPTA exams:        Theory on Friday, May 21st 2021

Technique will be announced on Friday, May 21st 2021

Practical part including technique via movies before deadline on Friday, May 28th 2021


*subject to changes