For children:

The lessons will take place weekly, Mondays through Fridays, except during school holidays, on a fixed day and time in agreement with the piano teacher.

The frequency is variable and dependent on what I think is good for that particular student. Adaptive education.

  • A) 2x per week, equal lesson duration.
  • B) 1x per week.

The lesson packages are as follows:

  • 30 minutes individual lessons for children group 1 and 2
  • 45 minutes individual lessons for children from group 3 onwards
  • 50 minutes individual lessons for children from group 3 onwards, 2x 25 minutes a week
  • 60 minutes individual lessons for high school students, 2x 30 minutes a week

General Music Theory is a weekly group lesson online in which other aspects of the musical education are being taught, such as rhythm- and solf├Ęge games, basic knowledge of musical history, composing own pieces and theory. Participation is not mandatory.

For beginning pupils, there is a trial period of 8 lessons. Please look at the lesson fee list for details.

For the lesson fee list look here

Books are necessary for the piano lessons. In agreement with the pupil, certain books will be selected, which the pupil will purchase. There are several methods to chose from.

The piano lessons taking place at my Studio are as follows:

a) The student enters silently through the Studio door, 2 minutes before the lesson starts. There is a very beautiful bench where the student can sit dry till it is time for their lesson.

b) The student washes their hands with soap for 20 seconds in the small faucet in the toilet and dries their hands and the faucet with a new clean towel. The used towel goes in the yellow basket on the floor. Every student takes a clean towel.

c) The student sits at the piano and regulates themselves the distance and height of the bench. I will put the pedalraiser or feet bench for the students, when necessary.
The student puts the books on the pianostand.

d) After the lesson, the student leaves through studio door. The next student will be washing their hands.

e) One parent may sit in quietly and on the background when the lesson of their child takes place.

When the pupil is ill, or it’s logistically challenging to bring the pupil to the lesson, the lesson can be done online. The pupil makes sure everything is ready 5 minutes before the lesson starts.

Cancellation of the lesson on the lesson day counts as a lesson and can’t be rebooked.

Exam training is only for piano exam candidates. Information will follow. This is separate and not part of the lessonpackage.


* for the holiday periods look here